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“I am so honored that this business grew out of (my parents) desire to help me with my allergies. I am so excited to see how salt therapy continues to help remedy my allergy suffering and how much it will bless others who deal with all types of allergies and respiratory issues. Seriously, Houston area friends – look into this!”
get link Adrienne S.
“I am so happy to have found the salt room! My allergies and asthma have been more under control than ever since attending salt treatments. I spend double time in the salt room when I feel a sickness coming on and I’ve been able to get well without seeing a doctor. One day I took a friend who was not getting better with what the doctor was giving her and within 15 minutes she was able to clearly breathe! She is now a believer in the salt’s healing power. I highly recommend the salt room to anyone suffering with allergies, asthma, sinus issues, COPD or skin rashes. It has really changed my life for the better and without all the meds!”
“Salt therapy has been a lifesaver for me. I have chronic allergy and asthma issues, which have greatly affected my quality of life, and even my job! Adding salt therapy to my regimen, has greatly reduced my symptoms, and I was even able to drop ALL of my allergy and asthma medications. This really works!”
here Jayme B.